How can I confirm that I Have entered the tracking code correctly on my pages?

How can I confirm that I've entered the tracking code correctly on my pages?
It Is Easy To Confirm About This system So Don't Worry
Google Analytics will itself check to see that the tracking code has been installed correctly on the home page of your site - once you've created a new profile, the Tracking Status will display a warning, "Tracking status unknown," until the system detects the code.
If you used a ("What you see is what you get") editor such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, make sure that you don't see the code when you're viewing your page in a browser. Some such editors will attempt to place the code as text on your page - try to use the "source" view when you're pasting the code to your web pages.
Finally, once your page is live, select View Source from your browser's menu and look for the code. It should be immediately before the tag of your page, and should look exactly as it was provided to you:

You see your own account number in place of the xyz-x in the example above. If you need a fresh copy of your code, click the Edit link next to the appropriate profile on the Analytics Settings page, then select Check Status at the top-right of the table.
If your tracking code has been installed correctly, and you're still not seeing any data after 24 hours, read I'm not seeing any data in my reports So Try To Add Google Analytics In To Your Account And Enjoy.....

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