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Remove Or Disable -Blogger Navbar From Your Blogger Website

Remove Or Disable -Blogger Navbar From Your Blogger Website
How To Remove The Blogger Navbar(Navigation Bar) From Your Blog Site?
Whatis Blogger Navbar Is?
What Is The Work Of This Bar?
Navar Is A Bar Which Show Top Of The Blog Site Like This Picture.

Sometime It Is Very Boring For Blogger . Blogger Navbar Allows Users To Easily Navigate To Other Random Blogs And It Also Has A Feauture To Search Box Like Search The Blogs ,And Mark Any Blog As Spam, Next Blog , Sign In , Sign Up Button. It This Bar Can Remove From Blog Than Blog Seems As A Good Design Website. Fine ! Let Me Come To The Actual Point On How To Remove Blogger Navbar From Your Blogger Website. See Step-By-Step Below.

1. Sign In To Your Blogger Account
2. Click The Layout
3. Click The Edit Html Tab.
4.Add The Below Html Code

#Navbar {
Height: 0px;
Visibility: Hidden;
Display: None;

5.Click On Save The Changes.

Now Visit Your Site You Can See Your Blog Without That Navbar.
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How To Use HTML/Javascript Code In Your Blogger Blog

How To Use HTML/Javascript Code In Your Blogger Blog

Most Of Time The User Of Blogger Want To Add Anything On Their Blog SuchAsAdsense Ads Code, Dedicatory Code, Counter, And Other Wigged It Is Very Easy Way Just Follow MeSiten In Your Blogger AccountClick On LayoutClick A Add A Gadget Click On HTML/JavascriptPaste Your Desirous Code Link Adsense CodeThen SaveCompleteI Update My Blog Everyday With New Tips And Tikes If You Have Any Problem With Blogging You Can Contract With Me By Comment HereThankyou

How to add google search box on your webpage

How to add google search box on your webpage
Some of my friend ask me how to add google search box on blogger page from adsense. It is very easy. So I explain you how to add adsense for search Box (google search box). See Below
Sign in google adsense
Click on adsense steub tab
Click on adsense for search
Search Type:
Choose whether you want users to search your site, a collection of sites,
1Only sites I select
2 The entire web
Select 1
Optional Keywords: it is optional but you can add some keyword
Click on add a new channel
Click continue
Select a branding style for your search box.

Text Box Length: basically 31 but you can choose 20 or as you like best
Click continue
Opening of search results page : if you want to add a site which disply result ,type a webpage. Add a page.
Click continue

Save the Search Engine
Name Your Search Engine: type here Google
Click on submit and get code
Now this code paste on your webpage where you want to add search box.
Thank you.

How To Add Or Embed Youtube Video, Movie, Song In Your Website Or Blog

How To Add Or Embed Youtube Video, Movie, Song In Your Website Or Blog

I Am Explaining You That How To Add A Youtube Video In Your Blogger Blog .The Process Is Very Simple. Youtube Is Program Of Google If You Want To Add A Personal.Video You Can Do It So Easily By Using Youtube For It You Need To Sign Up At Youtube. It Is Fully Free To Open A Account Link Gmail Or Yahoo.So Sign Up A Sign Up For An Account In Youtube And Upload Your Video And Get The Embed Code. Now This Code Paste To Your Blogg Post . The Following Process Is Explained Below With Pictures
1. Visit Youtube.Com
2. Sign Up
3. Upload Video Or Choose Any Video
4. Copy Then Embed Code.

Visit Blogger

1.Sing In
2.Click New Post
3. Paste The Embed Code

Now You Can Preview Your Desirous Video Into Your Blog Or Website.
Or You Can Add A Video Into Your Blog If You Setup Your Blog Into Youtube Account. Just
1. Sign In Youtube
2. Choose Video
3. Click On Share
4. Type Title
5. Type Description
6. Click On Sha…