How To Change Your IP Address -Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

How To Change Your Ip Address
Sometime You Need To Change Ip Address For Some Domain And Hosting Company Or Other Reason. There Are MANY Methods To Change Your IP Address.Now See Below How To Change Ip Address

For Windows 2000, Xp, And 2003
1. Click Start
2. Control Panel,
3.Network Connections
4. Right Click On The Active Local Area Connection
5 Choose Properties
6. Click On Networking
7. Double-Click On The Internet Protocol (Tcp/Ip)
8. Click On Use The Following Ip Address
9. Enter A False Just Ip Like
10. Press Tab And The Subnet Mask Section Will Populate With Default Numbers
Then Click On Ok
If You Have Any Problem
Click Again
Choose Obtain An Ip Address Automatically
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