Google Adsense Secret Tips : Increase Page Attraction By A Designable Adobe Photoshop Banner

If You Are New Blogger Or You Are Not Webpage Designer Or You Do Not Know How To Use Adobe Photoshop I Think It Is Not So Easy For You To Make A Webpage Banner But I Am Sure If You Ass Instruction How To Make A Designable Adobe Photo Shop Banner You Can Do It Very Easily!!
How To Make A Designable Website Header Banner By Adobe Photoshop
First You Need To Install Adobe Photoshop In Your Pc
Open Adobe Photoshop
Click On File Menu
Click New
Customize Size Basically The Size Of Website Title Banner Is 900 * 100
1000 * 120
Click Ok
Now Open You A Favorit Picture What You Want To Add As A Banner From File Menu
Select All Or Ctrl + A
Copy The Picture Ctrl + C
Paste It Same Window Ctrl + V
Now Paste It To 900*100 New Page
Complete !!
If You Do Not Understand It How To Make Please Send Me You Email Address And Url
I Will Make It For You!
Thank You,

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