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How To add Live Traffic Feed In your website

How To add Live Traffic Feed In your website Visit and Follow the step below … Step 1: Choose a Widget Step 2: Customize it Step 3: Click or cut and step4: paste the script into Your blog. Get cool widgets. Get local readers for your blog. Watch your visitors arrive in real-time FEEDJIT appears more than 700,000,000 times a month in over 150 countries. FEEDJIT is completely free and you don't even have to register Everyday I Try To Update This Blog With New Tips So Follow Me

How to Add Google Analytics to Your Blog

How to Add Google Analytics to Your Blog Google Analytics, Google's Free Service That Lets You Track The Performance Of Your Websites And Blogs From One Simple, Easy-To-Use Interface. Read My Next Post I Will Post Anout It One After One …

Google Analytics Code Block

Google Analytics Code Block Login to Google Analytics at The main Settings page loads. Click on Add Website Profile. A form displays. Select Add a Profile for a New Domain. Enter the URL of your site or blog. Select your country and time zone. Click Finish. Analytics provides you with a code block - a swatch of HTML - to add to your site's pages. Highlight the code block and then copy this code by selecting Edit > Copy or Ctrl-C

Add the Google Analytics Code Block to Your Blogger Blog

Add the Google Analytics Code Block to Your Blogger Blog Login to The Dashboard loads. Under the blog you want to add Analytics tracking to, click on Layout or Template. Click on Edit HTML. An editing screen for your blog template's HTML displays. Don't freak out. Just scroll to the bottom. Look for the end of the template. It'll look like: (Google Analytics Code Block is going to go here!!!) Put your cursor right before that tag. Paste the Google Analytics Code Block by selecting Edit > Paste, Ctrl -V Click Save Changes. You have now added the Google Analytics Code Block to Your Blogger Blog.

How can I confirm that I Have entered the tracking code correctly on my pages?

How can I confirm that I've entered the tracking code correctly on my pages? It Is Easy To Confirm About This system So Don't Worry Google Analytics will itself check to see that the tracking code has been installed correctly on the home page of your site - once you've created a new profile, the Tracking Status will display a warning, "Tracking status unknown," until the system detects the code. If you used a ("What you see is what you get") editor such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, make sure that you don't see the code when you're viewing your page in a browser. Some such editors will attempt to place the code as text on your page - try to use the "source" view when you're pasting the code to your web pages. Finally, once your page is live, select View Source from your browser's menu and look for the code. It should be immediately before the tag of your page, and should look exactly as it was provided to you: You see you

How To Make A Free E-Mail Account

A Google Approach To Email Gmail Is A Free Webmail It Is Very Useful After All Gmail Has A Lot Of Facility How To Make A Free E-Mail Account You Can Make A Free Gmail Account. For Your Free Account Visit Www.Gmail.Com Click Sign Up For Gmail Account Create A Gmail Account Get Started With Gmail Fill Up : First Name, Last Name, Desired Login Name, Choose Password, Re- Enter Password , Password (Must Be 8 Digits) Security Question : Answer This Question Because It Is Very Important If U Forget Your Password, Secondary E-Mail Like Imran_Cuc@Yahoo.Com Word Verification : A Image You Will Show Fill Up If Bleow, Terms And Service It Is Very Important Accept If Just Like : I Accept Create My Account Then Sign In Your Gmail Account …. Save Your Gmail Id And Password For Future Sign In. To Sign In Your Gmail Account You Should Visit Http://Www.Gmail.Com And Fill Up Your ID And Password Then Sign In......

How To Setup Google Adsense

Earn Online Money From Relevant Ads On Your Website Google Adsense Matches Ads To Your Site's Content, And You Earn Money Whenever Your Visitors Click On Ads. Now I Am Goning To Tell About Google Adsense Setup See Below 1. At First You Need To Visit Google Adsense Just Chick Here 2. Click On Sign Up Then You Will Get Welcome To Adsense Please Complete The Application Form Below. 3. Website Url. Please List You Primary Url Only Example : Website Language: Tell Us Your Website's Primary Language To Help There Review Process. Select English I Will Not Place Ads On Sites That Include Incentives To Click On Ads. I Will Not Place Ads On Sites That Include Pornographic Content . Check All Box Contact Information Contact Information Is Very Important Because Your Payment Will Be Sent To The Address Below. Please Complete All Fields That Apply To Your Address, Such As A Full Name, Full Street Name And House Or Apartment Number, And Accurate Coun