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How Do I Eliminate Or Solve Google Crawling Error "Restricted By Robots.Txt

Restricted By Robots.Txt : It Is Very Common Problems Of Google Webmaster Tools. If You Are A Blogspot User You Can See It On Google Webmaster Tools. When I Am Going To Checked My Blog Traffic Stats On Google Webmaster Tools I Was Notified That This Problem Was Detected On 28 September 2009 During My Website Crawling. I Was Very Warred About It. Because It Is My Favorite Blog And Also A Nice Website For Google Adsense .But After Some Days I Solve This Problem Without Any Work. Do Don’t Worry It Is Very Normal Problem. Take It Easy . It Means Blocks The Search Section Of Your Site From Bots To Stop Duplication. Or You Will Get The Same Content On Multiple Urls, Which Could Result In Strange Ranking On Search Results. After Some Days They Automatically Block Any URL . So Do Not Worry It's Very Common And Also Normal You Can Say It Intentional. If You Have Any Confuse About It You Can Contact With Me Via My Yahoo Im Or Comment With You Website Url , Phone Number And Yah

Why My Page Rank Decrease ?

My Page Rank Has Been A 2 For A Really Long Time. I Have Not Gained Or Lost A Lot Of Links Recently. But Why Did My Page Rank Drop From A2 To A 0 ? My Page Rank Has Not Changed In The Last 5 Months. Why Did It Change This Week? Nothing Happened To My Website This Week. Please Where Is My Mistake ? Answer Me Via Comment Or Add Me On  Yahoo Messenger My Id Imran _Cuc@Yahoo.Com