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How to Generate meta tag For your website or Blogger blog

How To Generate  Meta Tag For Your Website Or Blogger Blog I Will Show You  Some Picture About How To Generate Meta Tag It’s Very Important Optimization  (SEO). Ii You Generate And Add This Meta Tag To Your Site Google Search Engine Can Easily Search Your Website So Add Meta Tag To Your Website And Get Google Page Rank Click For Details  Thanks

How to add meta tag to your website or Blogger blog

How to add meta tag to your website or Blogger blog 1.Visit google webmaster tools  2. sign in with email id and password 3.Type Your website Url 4. Click On add url 5. Click Next Setp (Verify your site) 6. Click On arrow Key  7. choose Verification method  as a Ad meta tag 8.Copy The Code Now Log in Blogger  1. Click On layout  2. Click on Edit Html 3. paste the code between and 4. click on save again  logging webmaster tools  Click On verify  Complete  Now Your Site Has Beed Verified With Mata Tag You Can Add Now Site Map How To Add Site Map. Dear Viewers Thanks For Visit My Site Please Bookmark This Site Because I Will Up Date All Search Engine  Optimization  Tips .  Best Of Luck And Enjoy

How to remove or solve blogger publishing error : HTML cannot be accepted Tag is not allowed

It is often we see this error ((Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: Stop showing title or body HTML errors for this post )) while posting content. Why this problem occur. Some of my friend want to know about this problem I try to solve this error. It is very easy to solve this error just follow me. The problem is due to font , size, color, and bold which cause this problem Solution 1. select all 2. cut the content 3. open a new notepad 4. paste it into notepad 5. again copy the content oR Remove Selected HTML Like This Picture. For More Information Bookmark My Site I Will Update Everyday